Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Blake and Liya | L'oreal Paris Colour Riche Collection Exclusive

Good Evening 'Daah-lings'

I like to introduce you to my newest friends and trustworthy allies Blake and Liya

Its no surprise that I have a small army of Red Lipstick and these are the two newest members to my collection. Introducing Blake and Liya by the L'oreal Paris Colour Riche Collection Exclusive. Blake has a very subtle deep undertone while Liya looks more firey (on me). Both ultra creamy and hydrating on the lips and last virtually all day. I've been leaning more towards lipsticks these days because they 1) are a bit 'old school' / vintage...hehe, due to competition like liquid lipsticks and 2)  they're sooo affordable with these two only being $7.99 each (at Ulta). Liquid lipsticks are becoming a bit more common in the 'drug store makeup' section at Ulta, but people tend to rant and rave about Instagram worthy Liquid Lipsticks more, and 'vintagey' tubes of lipstick less. Oh well... Mes Trésors.

That's all for today.
Cheerio, Cheerio Daah-lings!

Love Always,

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Life Of Li.Ree | Accepting Natural (15 years After GOING NATURAL)

Hello Dahlings!

To all of my black female readers out there you may have heard of or already be part of the GOING-NATURAL Trend. Girls and women across the nation (and quite possibly all over the World) are kicking boxed/salon perms a/k/a Relaxers to the curb and re-embracing the God-Given textures of their 'Natural' hair.

For some women anti-relaxing was an Empowerment choice, but for me it was a 13 year old girl going-bald choice.

Okay, not literally bald, but my hair was coming out in clumps and patches. And breaking off at a ridiculously alarming rate. I went from graduating Elementary School with long, strong, thick and healthy hair...

to Entering the 8th grade like this.

No matter who did it and what type of Relaxer or technique that they used, my hair just never responded well to them. Point blank period.

My last relaxer was a week before I started the 8th grade. My hair was freshly permed and looked GREAT (and in thin but straight) for the first week of school. Then came the following weeks, and when my hair started suffering from creamy-crack withdrawals...I just let it suffer. The last stylist who did my hair was a one-time shot, and my mom and I decided that it was best to just put the relaxers behind me.

I went back to basics. WAAAAAY BACK! To tabletop stoves, brass hot combs and Blue Magic. When I finally started going to a salon again, it was to a small store-front shop owned and operated by two elder black women, one of Afro-Caribbean (Ms. I) and the other of African American (Ms. E)descent. I & E Beauty Salon.

Between late Middle School, High School, College and even well into Adulthood, Ms. E (hot) pressed my hair with a manually heated brass hot comb and Blue Magic hair grease.
Yes, the Natural-Hair purist/Elitist will start yammering on about how bad X,Y and Z is for your hair and BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!

But I kind of get the feeling that those are the very same girls that used to tease me back in high school because my edges weren't 'straight', my hair looked frizzy in Florida's humidity and "Ooooh Chile' she need a perm".
Now GOING NATURAL is all the rage, and (as I've been told many times before) "I'm doing it Wrong!"

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Life Of Li.Ree | What's In My Vintage Purse

Bonjour Mes Amoures!

Because I've recently decided to give my giant Vince Camuto purse a break and started toting around my (much smaller) vintage purse in its stead. A What's In My Bag...or rather What's In My Purse tag (since I'm trying to be lady-like) seemed to be fitting.

Currently I have been donning my vintage Wicker Koret clasps purse, black with metal gold detailing.

Life Of Li.Ree | Pinup Hair, Hot Rollers & Flexirods

Sault Dahlings!

A few years ago I composed a post describing how I curl my hair with flexirods. It was titled How to Achieve Marilyn Monroe Pin Curls with Flexi-Rods (verbal) if you're curious.

Although I still utilize flexirods and find them to be the most convenient hair safe/no heat way to curl my hair...I was finding that my damp brush method just wasn't working for me anymore.
For 1. Sometimes my thick (naturally curly) hair just wouldn't adhere to the flexirods, which led to
2. a frizzy mess

So after reading an article about Dita Von Teese, and her success with Hot Rollers, I decided to give them a go myself. Even though hot rollers are definitely considered a heat method for rollers don't get anywhere near as hot as traditional curling irons, so there's no risk in frying or burning your hair. AND though the roller itself does get a little singe worthy, the roller is lined in velcro, so again, your hair doesn't come in contact with hot metal. Most hot rollers are usually held in place by heated ceramic clips or shells, that work together with the heated velcro rollers to give you loose curls full of body.    

Loose curls are fine and all, but I prefer 40's Pageboy hair myself...

Life Of Li.Ree | New Year, New Me?

Happy New Year Dahlings!

I wanted to get a handful of post out yesterday pertaining to New Years Eve, but I sleepily recorded a video the night before and spent yesterday editing it instead. Sooo... no New Years Eve post, but I do want to speak on something that just occurred this morning. A New Year's dream perhaps... 

Traditionally, during the coming weeks and days of the New Year it was common to transcribe New Years Goals/Resolutions. Both long term and short, New Years Resolutions were intended to outline the changes you wanted to make in life to really make this year feel anew. Good intentions, but we all know that often times...Life happens, causing many to leave these new life changing goals in the wind.

Then came the ever so savage social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. In the past years these networking sites have almost abolished and definitely jinxed the idea of New Year's goals. Hashtags such as #Newyearnewme would go around chanting New Years mantras, and would quickly be demolished by the negative blackhole that can be social media.

This Year I've seen few New Years goals going around amongst my friends and family. I suppose after being shattered time and time again...people just stop setting goals and believing.