Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hair Regimen

I have posted a 'Hair Care Do's and Don'ts' on my TUMBLR but I have yet to post or describe a hair regimen on any of my social media outlets so here you are:

 ~Shampoo wash bi-weekly 
~Condition post-washing bi-weekly 
~Deep condition bi-weekly 
~Protein via Organic Root Stimulator (as needed every other wash)
~Moisturize post deep conditioning with choice moisturizer and oil (currently Organic Roots Stimulator Hair Repair Creme and Grapeseed Oil) 
~Blow dry with Grapeseed Oil and Pantene or Tresemme Heat Protectant 
~Press & Curl 
~Condition Scalp with Castor Oil blend (as needed) 
~Moisturize Hair with choice Natural Oil (daily)
~Sleep On a Satin Pillow Case Every Night!

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