Thursday, April 25, 2013


This is now a Private Post

One of the Mother's at my church ALWAYS says "The Lord is going to open up the windows of Heaven. And pour you out a Blessing ~so Great~that you will not be able to contain"
I cannot quote exactly where that scripture is in the Bible, but I can quote where it is in my life. God is so good that He has blessed me with not One but TWO job offers this week. First the Chief of the Office job called on Tuesday to make an offer which I accepted. Then today ~Thurs~ I got a phone call from the people who I interviewed with in one of my previous post.
You know, the job for the career field that I believe is my true hearts desire. Boy oh boy do I have a LOT! of decision making to do.
The person who called me today informed me that currently their organization is in the midst of a hiring freeze but DEF wanted to make sure I was still available before anyone else swooped me up.
So funny b/c the Chief of the first offer said something along the lines of "...I don't want to have found the perfect person just to lose them."
I am so tremendously Blessed an dI know that I am highly favored my Lord, Savior and King. I can't wait to see what 'Handsome Itali~' *ahem*cough*cough* ...what 'else' he has in store for me!

Thank you Jesus!

Love Always


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