Saturday, April 20, 2013


Hasn't been quite a week but I'll go ahead and update anyway. But FiRST who else who loves 'all things vintage' is dying to get their hands on a pair of Cat Eye-glasses?!?!?

 Marilyn Monroe
Not sure if these are Tom Ford's but I know he makes a pair just like them...

Okay anyway. As far as my week goes, I've just been busy with work and nothing else too exciting. Syke!

This section of the post is now private...

I was called in to interview for a job that I've been interested in for a while now. My interview was at 4pm Friday and 5:30ish the same day I received a V/M asking me to call back on Monday!!!! Whoot! Whoot! I thank nobody but Jesus because I know he was definitely guiding my tongue in that conference/interview room because I NAiLED iT! I'm confident that the wants to hire me but still VERY prayerful. I'm just upset I didn't get to talk to the person who  called me directly....I dropped my phone about 30 minutes after interviewing and the battery flew out. Who wants to bet that's when I received the call?!? I turned my back on and sure enough I had a new voice message. -______- @%&$#!!!!!

Other than that I also received my April 2013 iPSY Bag but want to show pics of my March 2013 one first.

 Products include La-Fresh Facial Wipes, Juicy Beauty Hydrating Mist, and a Glam Rx carrying case.
 La-Fresh Facial wipes/ Makeup Remover wipes
It was travel size and purse-friendly. The first dirty wipe is all the dirt and oil that came off of my clean makeup free f(except eyeliner) face after running errands for a few hours. Yikes!! But at least I know the wipes are effective. The second dirty wipe is after removing a light layer of makeup.   

I've sen this hydrating mist used post-makeup application (on Youtube). However, I always like a washing and pre-moisturizing. The choice is yours, but I wouldn't recommend getting it on your lips, it makes them tingle (kinda uncomfortable).

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