Tuesday, April 16, 2013


So on my blog I have yet to discuss my love of Vintage/Old Hollywood Glamour and Fashion. Actually fashion is really a limiting word, because its really 'anything' vintage and 1930's to 50's-ish. I want to become somewhat of a collector of vintage memorabilia and get into the trendy pinup and vintage scene. No I'm not interested in doing any lingerie modeling or anything...more like vintage dresses, shoes, sunglasses, housewares like telephones, old school soda bottles, vintage washing machines, and mafia memorabilia. Have I told you guys how much I L-O-V-E 'The Godfather' pts. 1 & 2?!?!?
Hmmm. Maybe that's were my love for Italians came from! LOL! But that's a different blog.
Anyhoo, I do wish that racism wasn't such a big issue back then, because I would have more African American references aside from the Fabulous Dorothy Dandridge and Trend-setting Josephine Baker (even though she exploded in France rather than the Americas)...
Sorry Marilyn fans...but I always though she was a bit too overrated...just my opinion.

Of course I have to leave you guys with some of my favorite old school and new school pics.

The Fab Dita Von Teese
Pinup Doll Ashley Marie Rosas (she can be found on Facebook and Youtube).

Old School Popcorn Maker.
Vintage Fashion.
Vintage Payphone.
Chicago/Southside Boys, 1933.
Dorothy Dandridge as Carmen.


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