Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Today was a cleaning out the closet day for me. I got rid of a lot of old junky, trendy and ‘college-ie’ clothes to make way for the new vintage inspired wardrobe that I’ll be working on.  I feel really bad that I actually threw away my old things rather than donating them (I am a loyal Thrifter after all) ~ or at least selling them in consignment, most were still in good condition.

I also have been watching a lot of TMC (Turner Classic Movies) lately and caught Pandora and The Flying Dutchman (1951). I have fallen absolutely in love with the leading lady Ava Gardner! She’s that classic Old Hollywood stunning and will definitely be a reference in my future coordinates.  

Speaking of Classics, I finally got the Satellite Radio (Sirius XM) restored in my car today and have been able to listen to my Classic and Smooth Jazz faves ~ Classic Jazz is Pink Panther-ish (lots of saxophone) and Smooth Jazz is more new-age (Kenny G) ~ I still love Way fm. (the Christian station I’ve been listening to lately) but sometimes just plain instrumental music is relaxing and fitting in 5 o’clock traffic.  

And no my love for Jazz is nothing new…I can remember falling in love with Sade Adu way back in middle school (or earlier), and her music would always play on a station that was a combo of r&b, smooth jazz, and neo-soul.

A love for Kenny G, and Paul Taylor soon followed. The station is no longer in Palm Beach County but the music is still ringing in my ears!

Besides the Pink Panther theme song and Amy Irving's version of Peggy Lee’s Why Don’t You Do Right (via Jessica Rabbit), James Taylor was probably the first artist that made me love Classic jazz. At my first job ~ Hallmark ~ we used to repetitively play his 2005 (or 6) Christmas cd and it had a SUPER Classical Jazz feel ~particularly his version of Baby It’s Cold Outside featuring Natalie Cole ~ I can still hear those songs ringing in my ears too! 

Oh! And let’s not forget spending HOURS in Starbucks drinking fraps’ and doing homework!! ~they tend to play a lot of Classical Jazz too~.

Love Always,


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