Sunday, May 12, 2013

IPSY & WiNGED EYELiNER (lengthy)

This post is LiTERALLY being typed through Mircosoft Word! I’ll have to post it to my blog at another time. My internet connection has been down for a couple of weeks now and it’s driving me absolutely insane! Anyhoo, I’ll post this blog once my internet connection has been restored but for now I just want to catch up on a few things.

I received my April iPSY Bag mid-month and was pretty happy with it.

I also have been working on my ‘Cat-Eye’. I’m a one year graduate of black eyeliner and have only been wearing it on my bottom lash line and waterline. I have very-wide eyes and I feel that black eyeliner makes them look slightly narrower and sexier. But being true to the ‘pinup’ makeup look I decided to start sporting a Cat Eye a.k.a Winged Eyeliner.

Because I have very oily eyelids that frequently disappear ~since my eyes are so wide~ I NEVER bother to line my top lash line…so instead I start my winged eyeliner from the bottom. I line my waterline and bottom lash line and ‘at first’ using my black liner pencil, I shaped a (crappy) line starting at the outer corner of my eye and extending up at an angle towards the ends of my eyebrows. Let me tell you! Even EGYPTiANS would have held their heads in shame at my sorry and ill-shaped lines. I HiGHLY recommend having q-tips handy to clean up mistakes.
All and all I got it after a while…on one eye at least…

 Pencil Liner Results~

…but then there was the horror of trying to make both eyes even ~ cat eye angle and extension wise. Nightmare!

For my eye-shape at least, I REALLY had a hard time. It really does take practice, but I do have a GREAT recommendation.
If you’re a beginner to cat eyeliner ~winged eyeliner~ try this Angled Eyeliner Brush by Sonia Kashuk I bought it at Target for only $6.

I also HiGHLY recommend purchasing a gel eyeliner in a pot (liquid eyeliner with a felt tip brush just didn’t work for me). 
Fortunately I had one by Mica that was included in my February iPSY Bag.

 Mica Gel Liner and Sonia Kashuk Brush results.

That’s all for now ttyl and thanks for reading!

Love Always,


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