Friday, May 24, 2013


Hello Readers!

I hope everyone is good and planning for a safe Memorial Day weekend. Right now I'm enjoying a Romantic lunch at Starbucks and soaking up their free Wi-Fi and beautiful Jazz. No not romantic as in a date, but romantic as in the exquisiteness of the food. Its their Chipotle Chicken Wrap Cesar wrap ~ as per label seasoned chicken breast with lime-cilantro cole slaw, Peper Jack Cheese and salsa hinted with avocado chunks, served on a whole-wheat tortilla. With a slice of Dark chocolate for desert. Yummo! I would take a picture for you all but I already made a mess of the presentation with my greedy self.

Found one on Google though...


I was watching last weekend TCM again and found another leading lady who’s hair, makeup and style I’d L.0.V.E. to steal. This time it’s Gene Tierney in Leave Her to Heaven (1945). She’s a bit, or rather a LOT psycho, but the movie was still entertaining…especially if you’ve watched your fair share of Lifetime Movie Network movies.

I read up on Gene a bit more and some of her critics quoted that this was such a great movie because most of Gene's career was based on her beauty, and not so much her acting ability. I thought she made a great villain, and I loved to hate her :p.

Oh and I ditched  my black pencil eyeliner for today ~ bottom lash/waterline wise. Just sporting a cat-eye with my gel Mica liner. I actually am starting to like the wide eye-look, at least in an office setting. I'll ahve to tell you guys all about my job in another post. Probably after I get my first paycheck!

Love Always,


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