Thursday, May 30, 2013


I never understood why people pay $15, $20, ect. on a makeup remover when there is a perfectly natural one in the average home’s kitchen. No not your dish soap…cooking oil, or more specifically Olive Oil. I always keep a few bottles of Goya EVOO ~Extra Virgin Olive Oil~ on hand ONE for its multi-uses and TWO because a small bottle at Publix is like $1.50 each. 


I don’t care what makeup remover products claim they do for your skin, nothing beats a cheap natural product, loaded with healthy fats, that causes even the most permanent of makeup to slip off.

And the same goes to my most recent fave, Grapeseed Oil. A good size bottle at Publix cost about $5 give or take ~I believe a bought mine for a little over $3. It’s about the same consistency as Olive Oil and it offers a generous amount of antioxidants as well as healthy fats. Not only a good makeup remover, but also great start or booster to fighting lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. 

Speaking of natural beauty tips, I was Googling natural ways to grow longer fuller lashes and stumbled on a girl ~with already out of this world lashes…of course ~ who uses plain old Vaseline (or petroleum jelly) every night before bed to keep her lashes conditioned and healthy. 

While that sounds all well and good, I’m not a huge fan of petroleum jelly, so I opted to use Castor Oil instead. I massage about a drop or two onto my eyelids, top and bottom lash line and of course apply to my lashes. You can use a lash comb or brush to apply it to your lashes for more even coverage, but I always tend to lose mine. Oh well.

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