Friday, May 17, 2013


Ugh. So this is a LiFE post. I graduated from college a year ago and had a go at Law School that was a trial and error. Timing just wasn’t right. So now here I am back in my hometown and FiNALLY working a 9 to 5 (8 to 5). Now here comes the fun part, STUDNT LOANS! Yep it’s that time; Welcome to adulthood. Payments start automatically, before I even get to smell my first paycheck. WooHoo! Thanks Sallie Mae.

On a happier side of being an adult, as a member of FAU’s alumni association they recently sent me these geeky FAU Alumni address labels that I’m quite fond of.

I also have updated my resolution/to do list for the year. It’s a work in progress but I keep it folded up in my purse and am happy to see that I have made some accomplishments.

1.    Obtain a career in an intended field
2.    Dedicate time to learn Spanish
3.    Save > $5,000 by new years
4.    Develop vintage office  style
5.    Maintain relationship with Jesus
6.    Plan a family vacation
7.    Become a frequent Blogger/Vlogger
8.    Start Tennis~Yoga~Pilates

I also have a growing ‘to buy list’…but I’ll spare you that one.

Love Always,


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