Friday, June 21, 2013


Boy oh boy, where do I start…Well first of all this entry is going to be a collective combo of several un-posted/unpublished blogs that I have written over the last few days.

First of all I completed my first assignment on my job for which I received outstanding applause; which is more than I could have asked for. I was just happy to be reassured that I did a good job, but I was not at all expecting all the praise. Not to mention an invitation to a very special and televised ceremony. What an honor.
Sorry I’m so hush hush about what I am employed to do. I know this is an open diary and all but I still would like some privacy in certain things.

Anyway on to something with more substance. I wanted to do another Product of the Month entry, but I just decided to throw all of my products in this post since I’m June Ipsy Bag-less I’ll explain, but first here’s product number 1.

 Starbucks Refreshers Very Berry Hibiscus in powder form. I was a little scarred of this at first because although the beverage served in the shops is Fantastic, I was a bit skeptical about how it would translate in this dupe Crystal Light form.

In the end it taste just as it does in the shop. It’s probably how they make it from the get go. And it’s a great coffee substitute! I was wide awake and fully charged all day thanks to the green unroasted coffee beans. Sounds gross, but all I really taste is the blackberry and ginger. It also has hints of hibiscus and lemongrass.

The next is this deluxe (as in three cd’s in one) Jazz Album that I bought from Target. It includes a relaxing 36 saxophone filled songs for only $20. I’ve been perfectly at peace at work every day.

And lastly, this HotSpot by T-Mobile. It’s a small, portable, rechargeable device that you can take anywhere. Best part about it is, NO CONTRACT INTERNET! Just pre-pay for the data you’re going to use. Works for me because majority of the time I’m on the internet in a public location anyway. I just need to use it sparingly at home. 

Next I want to show a few maintenance items that I picked up from Target.
I grabbed some Neutrogena purse sized had cream that really petroleum-ie EW…not a good buy; Nor was the Bodycology purse size hand cream that I bought but I won’t even go there. I also purchased a cheap-o loofa, some Burt’s Bees lip balm in Grapefruit, a bottle of Sally Hansen’s nail  X-TREME clear polish which I L-O-V-E as a top and base coat, some cutesy socks…

…and a pair of shoe liners for 3bucks_These things run for $5-6 even in Walmart…Yikes! 

I then made a second trip specifically for these easy Kiss nail decals/art/thingys that I’m obsessed with.

Then there were the Ebay purchases….

After watching Gene Tierney’s staircase/abortion scene in Leave Her To Heaven, I’ve been to inspired to look elegant and glamorous, even when I’m just lounging around the house before bed. So I’ve made it my mission to ditch the girl’s boxers and night shirts and add more satin night pieces to my drawer…

…starting with this satin, floral print, Victoria Secret nightgown I ordered from Toni’s Closet via Ebay.

I also ordered this satin and lace robe which I am SO FREAKING EXCITED to slink into!

Oh and about Ipsy. Well I lost my Debit card immediately after my brother’s graduation a while back. Fortunately, it turned out to be in my pants’ pocket all along…silly me I forgot which pair I was wearing before I changed. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it until a few days later after I had already cancelled my card and ordered a new one. It slipped my mind that my Ipsy bag was on direct monthly payment for my old card, and since I never switched payments to the new one, my membership was subsequently cancelled. They did give me ample warning via email but I’ve been seriously neglecting my personal email account lately, so by the time I read the emails it was too late.   

LASTLY, here’s my camera love from a few nights ago, guest-starring my Lutino parakeet Louie V.

Love Always,


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