Friday, June 14, 2013


Although I haven’t adamantly done Pilates in a while, it’s still my go to workout when I’m feeling a little out of shape. I’ve tried cardio routines like Zumba and aerobics, boot camp, weight lifting, machines, ect., and honestly nothing produces results for me like floor exercises and ballet/gymnastic based workouts. One of my goals this year was to try to incorporate Yoga moves into my workout. God is good, because it just so happens that my job offers Yoga classes every Thursday at noon. How convenient is that?     

I’ve also considered Fluidity momentarily, but realistically it just looks like another device that I would never pull out and use. My exercise mat and ankle weights are already collecting enough dust as is.

Good thing I already have pretty healthy eating habits ~ mostly multi-whole grains, veggies, fruits, healthy proteins, healthy fats, ect. But I DEF DON’T deny myself sweets, junk, and greasy foods!!! In my case, it’s all about portion control and making up for my indulgences ~ex. 2 cupcakes now and no/limited white bread for the rest of the day.
Oh and I try to stay away from that BLASTED high fructose corn syrup. Can somebody please tell me why there are only two brands of bread in Publix without it?!? And let me not even get started on its presence in juices! Um, some of us have blood sugar issues and don’t need nor want that hyper-sweetened garbage!  

Anyway that’s enough of talking about food…its making me munchie!

Since I’m wonking on, I might as well mention that there are a few items that I want to scratch off my to buy list. First one being, Cat Eye sunglasses. I see they’re popular now, or at least back in style lately; Betsy Johnson, Nordstrom, heck even Wal-mart has a pair! I might get the Betsy Johnson ones in cheetah print that I found for 15 bucks on WWW.15DOLLARSTORE.COM

Another thing I want to scratch off my list is a nice pencil skirt. I’ve been recycling my same three pair of black slacks ever since I started working my previous job ~before my current one.
I’ve already window shopped for one to no avail. I just can’t seem to find one that’ll fit me how I want it to. Most are too big in the waist, and those that do fit are too loose and baggy looking on the legs. I mean I know I’m petite and all but sheesh! I’ve search high and low from thrift, to trendy, to high end designer stores. Lately I’ve been tempted but really apprehensive about ordering one online…I might just have the same problem as far as fit goes. Bummer

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