Tuesday, June 11, 2013

THE GEEK IS CHIC ~Lengthy Rant

Hello all! I just bought food at this place called 'Chopsticks' and just bit into the worst egg roll of my life! It was a “Dude sick! This taste like trash!” moment in my Regular Show Mordecai voice.

I’ve noticed that I’m up to 22 I think post now, on my blog and I’m very proud of that, as mediocre as it sounds. I started this blog a while back, but it pretty much died as soon as it began because I was horrible at keeping up with posting. Now I find myself if not posting writing a new entry every other day or so and I really am starting to love it. I need to work on getting a new camera, preferably a DSLR that can pick up some higher picture quality, but I’m sure that’ll all come in time. I wanted to talk a little bit about how I became a blogger.

Growing up, I was always what you would call an academically promising but socially introverted person. Yeah…one of those. I was really geeky but very artistic and could never find a fitting social crowd per se to identify with.

One thing that was always constant was my love for art and desire for an artistic outlet. I was somewhat the jealous type and would severely envy those that excelled at the artistic feats that I hoped to achieve. As sad as that sounds, it was and to a certain less severe extent still is true.

I tried my hand at music, singing, drama, and of course various mediums in art class. I suppose I could have taken my pick and excelled at any one of them, but my focus was always on trying to find a socially outward way to express myself. Mostly, that was through fashion, and no not that trendy junk. I preferred to be the stand out like a sore thumb fashion slave. And trust, that wasn’t always the most popular thing to do.

Then of course there were the phases…Urban, Rocker, Bourgie, Hippie Chic, Beachy, Japanese/Anime loving…and the flat out “What was I thinking’s.”

I’m laying out my background because it’s what led into my discovery of blogspot. Many trendy and trendsetting fashionistas have landed a successful and some mediocre slots on Youtube, and over the years I have faithfully tuned into my few favorite gurus. 

On one of those random days of video browsing I landed on a girl who I thought was a little kooky for her love of Japanese doll-themed fashion. Circle lenses, super exaggerated eyelashes and all that. It was really a ‘next’ moment for me, until one day I got nosy enough to read her blog. When I scrolled back to her very first two or three entries ~ from high school a few years previously ~ I really had several “wow she’s just like me when I was that/her age” moments. As cheesy as that sounds I like moments like that; they tend to make me smile a thousand times over.

However, one major thing about her that I truly admired ~admire~ and wish I would have started when I was her age, was her recording her growing and transitions phase(s). I mean sure, I have old Facebook and probably even MySpace photos that I could probably dig up…but a post recording not only photos, but also your current state, of mind and what you’re going through is far deeper. Especially in the collaborative months and years that you continue to write; and then have a chance to look back and see how much you have grown.

What made her blog even more so inspiring, was that it had an overall theme to it beyond just being an open diary. She wanted to become a Gyaru, which is a Japanese fashion style and trend ~ taking her geekiness and using it positively. For those who just don’t get us fashion slaves, its more than just purchasing a bunch of clothes and being an instant icon. It’s a lifestyle transition, and often times requires your personal identity to gel into the culture of the fashion style you are trying to achieve. I read through her makeup attempts and improvements, conventions, meet ups, hair journey, shopping, concerts, personal problems, aspirations, achievements, relationship…with an Asian guy of course…

The more I read, the more fascinating this whole idea of blogging/vlogging became. It’s so much more enriching than basic social media ~ i.e. Facebook and Twitter. It’s my own docudrama just like MTV’s True Life and Made. It’s an opportunity to watch myself transform into an Old Hollywood themed icon and grow as a woman.

Sue I’m amateurish now, but that’s the best stage. Several months and even years from now, I’ll get the chance to look back and say;

WHAT THE _______________?!?!?!?!

Ok, ok, yak, yak, yak! I decided not to delete my personal Facebook after all; please feel free to Follow me.

Love Always,


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