Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hello (nosy) Readers!

I actually have a lot to share with you all. My new vintage inspired halter dress, my new Mary-Janes, my updated elegant bedroom attire, my vintage inspired sunglasses.... But that's just it. I want to share a bunch of things that I need to photograph and coordinate in an outfit like fashion. Unfortunately, the USB for my camera has up and disappeared on me. Not to mention that for some 'screwy (squirrel'...if you keep up with Tex Avery cartoons ;p) reason the photos taken on my phone won't upload to my computer. 

I just need a new multimedia device altogether. More than likely I will be purchasing a Tablet of some brand in the near future. Priorities FIRST however! I just purchased two new tires for my car which landed the hefty sum of $360.00. I'll be purchasing two more next month as well as slowly taking care of the other $700.00 plus mechanical and detailing work that my vehicle needs. 

While I still have money to Vintag-ize my wardrobe, I'm afraid a new electronic device just is not in the budget. Therefore, I will be taking a short hiatus to both enhance my style, and save up for a device to capture some great or at least decent OOTD and FOTDs for you guys.

I also wanted to check off where I stand as far as my New Year’s resolutions go, since the year is nearly half way over.

My original resolutions included:
1.    Obtain a career in an intended field
2.    Dedicate time to learn Spanish
3.    Save > $5,000 by new years
4.    Develop vintage office  style
5.    Maintain relationship with Jesus
6.    Plan a family vacation
7.    Become a frequent Blogger/Vlogger
8.    Start Tennis~Yoga~Pilates

Thus far I’ve obtained a job that I love, grabbed a Japanese language book rather than Spanish, have $2,000 in my savings account, started my collection of Vintage themed coords., stayed prayerful, have been blogging frequently although not vlogging yet, and do a few Yoga and/or Pilates moves at least once or twice a week.      

That’s it for now!

 Love Always,


  1. Hello Li.Ree,
    I came across your blog via the PUGstyle site in which I'm trying to sign up but I can't go through with it because of the "T/F: All women are real" thing. What am I supposed to write in there? I would appreciate it if you could help me sign up cause I've been reading the forum and I can't take part in this lovely community! Thanks! xx

  2. Hello and thank you for reading!

    I'm not sure what my response was for the T/F question was, because its been a little bit since I singed up. I would just answer it to the best of your interpretation of the question. If you're still having problems signing up let an administrator for the site know and they should be able to assist you.

    Love Always,