Monday, June 10, 2013


Praise The Lord readers! That’s how my church greets members. Today is Sunday but I doubt I’ll be posting this entry today …prob. later on this week. 

I went window shopping last night and realized that I really don’t have a vintage themed casual style in mind. I’ve talked a lot about office attire and pencil skirts, but never gave casual clothing any thought. For now I kind of have a capri-pants/jeans and flats and/or Puma’s theme in mind, but I’ll see. High-waisted pants and jeans preferably, but that’s kind of hard to come by these days.

Speaking of Puma’s I have rediscovered these Gucci sneakers that have been so tragically neglected in my closet for years. I’ve always liked them, but the shoe style just wasn’t my taste enough for me to L-O-V-E them like I will now. They’re the perfect sleek and feminine sneaker for my casual coords.

I also want to update you guys on my Cat-Eye/ Winged Eyeliner technique. I’ve made a lot of improvements since my last pics of my cat eye and I’ve even completely stopped wearing black eyeliner on my lower lash and waterline. Never thought that would happen.

OH and PLEASE excuse the lack of makeup on one of my eyes. I was getting ready for bed. ;*

Love Always,


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