Monday, July 15, 2013

Brief Product Reviews & Shopping Spree

Hello Vintage Lovers!!! yes I'm back at it again and I have some good news for all of you fashion lovers :-) ... I'm planning a shopping spree. First though, an update.

Yes indeed, I have recieved my tablet, and although I didn't pay attention to what brand of tablet it was when i ordered it, it turned out to be an Android. I love it to pieces and all the apps...unfortunately, there was one advertisement flaw. The promised rear camera seems to be just for decoration. That's right the blasted thing only has a front camera and a 'built in' rear camera. What the %#$%*%##%%??!?!?! 

I've been bluffing the manufacture claiming that I'll returned it for false advertisement and demand a full refund. Honestly I don't think I could part with it though...

Anyhoo, a quicky review of Wen. Mmmm, blah. My hair really wasn't any softer after both using it as a pree-poo and as a conditioner. Actually it felt a bit crunchy. I also didn't think it removed the product buildup from my hair and ended up shampooing my scalp twice with a small amount of shampoo. 

Shopping wise, I have made it my mission to improve my night wear and underwear drawer for the last month or so and I have had a lot of success. Now that I have some elegant sleep wear and a drawer full of lacey undergarments, I want to start working on my office attire again. 

I had luck in purchasing two black pencil skirts online and plan on purchasing more. The shirt is from Arden B.

Here's a few of the shirts I'm ordering.

Love Always,


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