Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Get it Grandma!

Ciao Darlings!

Just dropping in quickly since I reality don't have a whole lot to share with you. I went shopping today on my lunch break at work and it really made me appreciate even more so just how blessed I am. Not only did I have a wonderful and very educational job but I its also in prime location...Downtown! I love days like today when I can stroll over to the local trolley stop and ride right into CityPlace and hit up their stores.
Today I was a feeling a bit daring and decided to stop into Francesca's which is basically a small and very homey boutique store. It really reminded of Anthropology, same atmosphere but smaller. Anyway, I remember my friend in college told me about their jewelry a while back, so I decided to be nosy and see what the had. Honestly, I was plesently surprised that they had gorgeous 'grandma' pieces for under $20.
Don't mean to offend, but I call all vintage styled accessories grandma pieces (because they're something my grandmothers would have worn back in their day) lol.
I ended up purchasing these (pic below) which matched perfectly with the mint colored top I was wearing from Allegra K (BTW review of the tops I ordered off of Amazon coming soon).

Purchasing these earings has led me into this months new focal point...Accessories. I have grandma'd up my bedding attire enough at the moment, so its time to work on my colletion of earings and such (along with more tops).
I'll try to make my way into Francesca's again tomorrow, or at least real soon so that i'll have more to share.


Love Always,

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