Friday, July 12, 2013


Quick TCM (Turner Classic Movie) trivia; Who is the talented male headliner who plays a painter in 1951’s An American In Paris?

Yea, I know…too easy for Classic movie fans. But they’ve had a marathon of his movies on lately.

So anyway, I have never given teeth whitening any serious thought until I started wearing red lipstick. The brightness of the color really draws a lot of attention to your mouth area and makes slightly stained teeth look considerably dingier. In light of this mini crisis, I decided to purchase Colgate’s Optic White tooth paste and partnering mouthwash.

I’ll spare you all the teeth close ups, but for the record, I am starting to see a difference in the vibrancy of my teeth.

Something else that I’ve yet to share is my desire to start my own stationary business. Ever since scoring my first job at Hallmark back in high school, I’ve had the reoccurring desire to own my own Hallmark franchise one day. Franchise owner may be a bit of a way for right now. But the business idea of creating my own line of stationary has really been heavy on my mind. And the more I think about it, the more certain I become that this is a hobby and business venture that I want to seriously pursue.  

Okay, okay on to hair

I’m not necessarily on a hair journey these days ~ Been there done that when I grew my relaxer out back in middle school ~ but I am constantly looking for new ways to care for my hair so it can stay healthy. I am very interested in trying Wen by Chaz Dean, because for the most part it’s a co-wash that eliminates the middle man ~ shampoo. As of right now I only use shampoo to cleanse the product buildup on my roots and scalp. ABSOLUTELY NOT ON THE REST OF MY HAIR AND ENDS! Waaaaaay too drying!

What Chaz says is absolutely right. If conditioner could cleanse, shampoo would be obsolete…at least for my hair. I’m already conditioning twice ~ once before I shampoo (Pre-Poo, to coat my hair with moisture) and once after I shampoo (to replenish any moisture I loose with that blasted soap!)

On the down side , I’m a bit concerned that my hair might become too conditioned and not hold its press ~ straightening ~ for the 2+ weeks like it does now….but I’m still willing to give it a shot…..

Here’s my hair length straightened…

…and what my hair looks like wet.

Love Always,


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