Saturday, July 27, 2013

Retro Half Moon Manicure (How To...)

Hello all :-)

What's new with me? Nothing much really but I do have something new to share with you. I'v been joining a lot of vintage pages on Facebook (yes I never left)... and have noticed something that I never have before. A nail trend.
Yes I already knew that Red was and always IS the choice for pinup, retro and vintage nails (duh). But the half moon trend I've only recently caught on to. Apparently it was a popular trend in the 30s and 40s and was inspired by nail polish that had worn and/or chipped at the cuticles.

Here's my how to:

Paint your nails with a clear coat of polish to help preserve your color for an extended period of time (I recommend Sally Hensen Xtreme).

Once it dries completely, take a small piece of scotch tape and round it with sheers.

Use the rounded part to cover from you nailbed up about a cm or so.

Paint your nails with your fave 'Hot Rod' red nail polish, let it dry, use a top coat, and you're Done!

Half Moon Manicure <3

Oh and by the way, if you're a semi or overload 'health nut' then you've gotta try this Naked Power Garden. Beets, cherries, strawberries, purple carrots, chic peas and more ;)

The rest is just my fave Grilled Chicken salad from Cracker Barrel and OF COURSE a few days worth of camera-lovin' <3

Did I mention that I made this cute vintage looking tutorial? Too bad the footage came out so unorganized :-(
lol oh well...


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