Friday, July 5, 2013


O.M.G. Back So Soon?!?!?! Mdf#ngi@lh&dgt$lshn#jlhb%gld&gs?!?!?!? Yea, yea back already. But hey when God moves, HE MOVES!

I say that because as I type via MS Word it is the 4th of July. And you know what that means right….SALES, SALES, SALES! HSN (Home Shopping Network) which I rarely, actually Have Never fallen prey to, had a $400 plus Tablet with $150 plus Apps loaded on it on sale for only 120 bucks. Say What?!?!? And did I mention that as a Fourth of July special, it had a flex pay option of $30 a month for four months! Say Whaaat?!?!
So it looks like I’m back in business. I’ll prob. show it off when it arrives later on this month, and I figure out how to operate the dern thing.

So anyway, as mentioned in my Hiatus post, I have been working on a Leave Her To Heaven, Gene Tierney inspired bedtime/lounging attire…here’s the coords. I’ve collected thus far. 

You’ve already seen the satin Victoria Secret nightgown in a previous post, as well as the satin robe I ordered and they pair nicely together.

I also threw in a comfy white pair of slippers, a hot pink satin night cap and these studs from Arden B. for a little extra glam. 

I actually strutted around the house in this number with a partially dolled-up face. My hair was fashioned into my now signature left side Victory Roll and side bun as seen in an earlier post..

I’ve been sporting this hair-do quite a lot lately. Personally, I think I look like Olive Oil from Popeye when I wear it and to that I say…Bring It On!

Speaking of Old Lady style. I HAVE GOT TO take a pic of me wearing this ensemble. 

The robe is made of some slightly heavy and sheer material that I cannot identify…and the scarf is satin and I wrap it around my hair in a Rosie the Riveter like fashion. That’s only the beginning of the grandma look. I decided to pair the ensemble with these vintage inspired sunglasses from Aldo and grandma earrings from Arden B since they fit the gold and black theme.

Can you say SUGAR MAMA from the Proud Family?!?!? B.O.L.
But don’t get me wrong, though. I LOVE the way this ensemble looks on me and everything is soooo incredibly comfortable.

Anyhoo. Best for Last. As seen above, I’ve been playing a bit with a look inspired by one of my all-time 1920/30s Fashion Favs. None other than the first Halle Berry/Beyonce herself Josephine Baker. Not comparing the talent of one to the other, just that she paved the way for all current black female entertainers (acting, dancing, singing, ect.). 

Although, she had to propel her career in France do to the extreme racism in America during the era….she is still an American Flapper Era icon, and I LOVE imitating her look. I’m also always reminded on Betty Boop when I do a 1920s/30s F.&H.O.T.D. Must be the classic thin brows, and plastered to the head hair-dos, lol… 

Love Always,

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