Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Allegra K Tops and Company Review

Hello all.

I know you all are tired of me apologizing for being late with posting and blah, blah, blah, blah...

OK now that, that's out of the way, I want to go ahead and and do my review of the shirts and overall experience I had with Allegra K (via Amazon).

You can find the original post where I gave a preview of my order here.

I originally made my purchase of my Allegra K tops on Tuesday , July 16th, and I received my confirmation that the order had shipped on Wednesday, July 17th.
The tops arrived either the latter part of the week of July 22nd or The beginning of the week of July 29th.

When I received my package everything arrived in a shipping pack rather than a box, and all the shirts were folded and vaccum-packed in their own individually wrapped plastic bag(s).

All of my shirts were accounted for...or at least I think they were because the one thing I was missing was my invoice! 

Yeah, you know that piece of paper that tells you where you products came from, what you bought and how to return them....yeah, not in the package.
Thankfully I still had my emailed confirmation via Amazon so I was able to pull it up and verify my order was correct, but still....that just seems kinda' shyster.

Anyway, my shirts are not in any particular order but here they are.

I actually went from liking this shirt to loving it when I found these earnings at Francesca's which match Perfectly with the color of this shirt. I also really love the ruffle effect and extra fabric to tie into a bow at the collar. So girly yes I know.

I'm sorry the footage of this shirt is so crappy because its actually one of my favorites. I L-O-V-E the polka dots because the are soooo Classic Vintage; also the shirt is deep navy rather than black as depicted. Much like the aqua shirt above it also has a ruffled collar and fabric to tie into a cute bow.

This is my Michael Jackson shirt (lol) that I LOVE! Lace, gold buttons everywhere! Its def got a lot going on...
Front and Back!

Only thing I don't like is how flimsy the buttons are. They obviously weren't sewn on very well and the question is not IF the'll fall off but WHEN... :-(

Same for my Phantom of the Opera shirt below. It has the same buttons as the previous shirt on the cuffs and they Obviously weren't sewn on very well.

Oh, and i call this my Phantom of the Opera shirt because of the poofiness of the sleeves that get drastically slimmer at the cuffs. Also the way it ties at the neck, I put this shirt on and automatically start hearing Bach's Toccata and Fuege in D Minor LOL.

This next shirt is actually my least favorite.

I loved it originally until it arrived and i saw all this EXTRA FABRIC!!!!

Def won't be tucking all of that into a pencil skirt (not unless I want to look like I have a diaper on) :-p But I'm sure I'll find some use for it...

Last but not least is this strechy lace shirt that I love and hate at the same time. Love it becase its so different but hate it because it can look akward or even Trashy if paired with the wrong thing...particularly the kind of under shirt. I also realy don't know what to think of the extra fabric around the collar. Its so akward and I cannot even began to describe what kind of fabric it is. Honestly it feels like something I would wrap a Christmas present box with, not tie around my neck soooo...yeah.....@_____@...

Anyway that sums up my collection and shopping experience with Allegra K. Although my overall 'shopping' experience was pleasant when ir comes to merchandise really  Shop at your own risk. Yes for the MOST part I got some great things and had a good experience BUT the merchandise may not be designed, feel or look the way you think it should or as its advertised on the models. I would recommed buying something simplistic that you  know you're going to wear whether it FITS just right or not.

Also their fabrics are on the super light and SHEER side (in lay terms cheap) which means I would be very weary of placing any of their merchandise in the washing machine on a regular wash cycle.
Yeah, that button thing as well as potention tears in the fabric may prove to be a future nuisance so I may just end up hand washing my tops, but I was kinda' already expecting that... :-p

So yeah, thats my overall review and I give Allegra K 3.8 Out of 5 stars. Will I order again? Possibly. But tops ONLY!

That's All for now.

Love Always,


  1. Thanks for the info. I am deciding if i should buy couple of Allegra K tops. I found a few tops that i really like, but does the clothing run small since they are from Korea?

    1. I don't know if I'm the best person to answer this question since I'm petite and tend to wear sizes sm and xs. But I did notice that the clothing sizes varied. I ordered all of my blouses in sm but some were snug while others were loose fitting and kind of big. I suggest just checking out their sizing chart to determine what size would fit you best.