Saturday, August 24, 2013


Hello readers! Have any of you guys ever heard of Gyaru or the Gyaru fashion movement in Japan? Well if you haven't GOOGLE it!! Or you probably won't know what I talking about throughout this post.

I have had my eye on a few young (black) women who have engulfed themselves in Gyaru fashion and I wanted in.

The only drawback was that I saw Gyaru in many aspects is childlike and too playful. It wasn't as mature and acceptable in my line of work as 20s-50s Vintage and Pinup.

However, I have finally found a subsection of Gyaru that I can comfortably squeeze into my fashion journey. Its called Himekaji or Hime Gyaru.

Now here me out Vintage Lovers, I have no intention to fully switch my style and become a full fledged Gyaru. The big lashes and circle lenses thing is just too dramatic for me personally; and ain't no way I'm abandoning my Cat Eyeliner and Red Lipstick!

However, Himekaji which is a toned down version of the over the top Hime Gyrau fits into my steady growing Vintage attire already.

Hime Gyaru and Himekaji incorporate a lot of pink, lace, chiffon, ribbons, bows, ect. blouses and super floral and girly styled dresses, accessories, shoes and everything else a Fashionista loves and lives for! Like I said I don't plan on becoming a Gyaru or even calling myself one. But you may be seeing tags such as #Himekaji or #Hime Gyaru from now on.

That's all for now Fashionistas, no pictures in this post so like I said GOOGLE it or even try Tumblr. Any pictures I could have provided would have come from there anyway.


Love Always,

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