Monday, August 5, 2013

Product of the Month (July) Super Late =_=!!!

Sorry I've been so slow updating but honestly I type all day at work and just don'tfeel like typing when I get home sometimes.

I want to update you all on my TOTALLY LATE product of the month for July. YES July!

It was hard to choose because I bought some really cool stuff last month and honestly my tablet topped everything but since this is a beauty/fashion/style blog, I rounded my choice down to Lancome's Genefique eye cream.

Yes I know i:-)  am not yet at the age where I have, wrinkles, crows feet ect, but early prevention is key. That being said I have named this eye cream my #1 buy for July because of the frown line between my eyes that i was pretty much Born with! Yes that sucker has been there since the day I was hatched. As a matter of fact, here I'll show you....

Yes its mostly visible when I frown, but i have a tendency to squint a lot and over time its become an imprint rather than just a frown feature. I've been using Genefique eye cream twice a day (morning and night) and can see a big improvement in the line, especially in the morning. I frown when i sleep and normally that horrible line is there to greet me in the mornng. But not since I been busting out the Genefique. Nothing but smooth wrinkle/line free skin  ^~^ *Two thumbs waaaay waaay up!*

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