Monday, September 2, 2013

How to Hand Wash Delicate Fabrics

Hello lovely readers!

I know I promised a post talking about my latest Ipsy Bag, but I'm still working on a few photos that I want to add. (Sneak peaks can be seen on my Facebook and Tumblr). 

So in the meantime, I thought I'd share a chore that I find myself doing at least once a week. 'Hand Washing'....

Since I've started this Vintage Fashion journey, I've gathered together quite a few blouses, dresses and sweaters made of delicate fabrics. Unfortunately, lace, polyester and satin blouses are rarely ever good friends with the washing machine. As a matter if fact I can't even begin to count all of the great articles of clothing I've ruined over the years to that BLASTED machine! (delicate cycle and all)

To ensure my delicate's stay delicate I wash most of my blouses by hand usually in my bathroom sink. Here's how:

My Hand Washing must haves include...

Woolite (a delicate laundry detergent), Dawn dishwashing liquid (PERFECT for tough stains especially ones made of oil, grease or food).

And periodically Clorox bleach ONLY if the blouse is ALL WHITE (like my 'Phantom of the Opera' shirt below)

The last shirt I washed was my new blouse below, and as you can see its made of 100% Polyester.

The rest pretty much explained via pictures.

Soak the blouse in COLD water with about a quarter cap of Woolite (and a tablespoon or two of bleach if what you're washing is white).

Add drop of DAWN tough stain spots and/or the armpits to thoroughly wash out deodorant marks.

After soaking for a while dunk the blouse in and out of the water, while squeezing it. For tough stains, after adding a drop of DAWN scrub the blouse gently. My video demonstrates it better than I can explain it lol.

To rinse, drain the soapy water and run cold water over the fabric while squeezing out the detergent. 

Once thoroughly rinsed, squeeze out the as much water as possible and hang to dry.

As you can see, today was laundry day :-) 

That's it for now TTYL!

Love Always,

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