Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lancome and August Ipsy Bag pt. 2

So sorry its taken so long for me to compose pt. 2 of this post. I had an event at my church this past week that I volunteered to participate in. Anyhoo, as some of you may have seen I have started updating my YouTube channel quite frequently and plan to continue to do so. No not necessarily tutorials or spectacularly edited videos, but just sharing recent updates and 'stuff' on the brain.

OK I believe I left off my last post talking about my August Ipsy bag.

I'm VEEEEERYY late with this announcement but sometime during mid-August I went to Macy's to purchase Lancome's notorious makeup remover Bi-Facil. When I did he lady at the counter informed me that they were having a special in which a customer makes a $35 plus purchase at the Lancome counter a gets a free gift.

The gift included a free makeup bag, and limited selections of one lipstick, a sample size mascara, two sample size face products, a sample perfumed based Lotion (my choice was 'Tresor') and a sample size blush (I believe if you spent $75 plus you received a few more products. Needless to say I LOOOOVE Lancome and have been using the crap out of all of my free products! Even the makeup bag which I usually stuff my daily makeup products as well as my Ipsy bags  (I feel so vain sometimes seeing as how now my makeup bag is half the size of my purse and always so full and heavy) lol oh well.

The Lotion, lipstick and mascara.

I'll feel you guys in on my photoshoots on the next post.  Sorry but I really wanted to finish out my makeup gets, seeing as how I've already received my Ipsy bag for the month of September ;-p


Love Always,

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  1. I only use Lancome. I always buy the makeup kit at Christmas. I don't celebrate Christmas but I can celebrate Lancome. I love my bedroom eyes. I am single and I pretend to be dating or married. One day I will find Mr. Right with my bedroom eyes. Can I get some free product?

    Francois Sagat Easter Island