Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lancome, August Ipsy Bag and Photoshoot pt. 1

After much awaiting and anticipation I'm FINALLY posting a review of my August Ipsy bag, talking about my free Lancome gift bag from Macy's, and sharing the pics/photoshoots that I have taken with my new camera!! =___= (sheesh I'm late)....

Ok Ipsy Bag first.

I received my bag sometime in mid-August and included in it was the Pacifica BB cream which I ranted about here, a cream blush from NYX cosmetics in CB08 Hot Pink P¡x! lash booster mascara, Michael Todd True Organics pumpkin facial mask and Noya's vanilla lip balm.

I'll start with the Pacifica BB cream which I pretty much already talked about in my rant. I don't have any complaints. It applies smoothly without a primer. It moisturizes, it hydrates, a little goes a long way and needs very little touch up throughout the day. Only complaint is the shade. It claims to have color matching technology, but I always add a dab of my Lanome Teint Idole Ultra foundation. The Noya lip balm (also pictured below is the BEST lip balm I've EVER owned! Even knocked my Burt's Bees lip balm waaay out the water. And as for the Pixi lash mascara...well I actually don't wear mascara soooo....meh.

I believe I have received a pink (and probably even cream) blush from Ipsy once before, and while I was never a fan of cream or pink blush before I find myself using it everyday now. I love the vibrancy of the blush (I will go as far as to say it will show up on All complexions) and much like the BB cream a little goes a long way. Only drawback is that it definitely DOES NOT last all day. You,all be lucky to get an hour or two out of one application. So I usually apply my Lancome shimmer pink pool powder bush on top of it.

I have mixed reviews when it comes to the Michael Todd pumpkin mask. On one hand, its a great mask, loaded with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids and my skin feels so refreshed and radiant when I use it. On the other hand it contains a hefty amount of Glycolic and other acids that you can almost immediately feel stinging your face when its applied. I called bull crap on "the burn means its working " years ago, so I'm pretty cautious of anything that does. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin (as indicated on the label). I also wouldn't recommend using it before going out into the sun (unless you wear a TON of sunscreen) as the acid will probably make your skin feel sensitive. Overall, I use it for ten minutes every two weeks, after all of my sun expose for the day has ended.

Continued on pt. 2....

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