Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blogging Woes

Hello all!...remember me...Kelli-Renee?? Haven't given a heart felt update to this blog in ages. Honestly majority of the problem is this tablet that I purchased back in July...remember that post I did around July 4th...possibly the 3rd? Anyhoo, when it arrived I gave away my laptop to my younger brothers for their merriment and because they didn't have a functioning one. Only thing is the consequences of this BLASTED touch screen keypad. Its just not the same as typing on keys and I'm just not as fast at writing on it....AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED WITH THIS DEEERN AUTOCIRREVT!!!  <-------- (L.M.B.O. point made) What the #$%**%#%&¢¥^¢¥[™®%?!?!??

UGGG, I hate it and I've probably already made a jack load of mistakes in my above paragraph that I have to go back and fix....T_____T....

Another issue that derailed me from blogging is lack of creativity. Not saying that I don't have TONS of great new Retro inspired things and buys to update you all on because I def do. Its just that I really don't know in what manner to do it...

Review post.
Fashion post
Video reviews
How to's??

I just can't seem to find one that I like to and can do consciously and continuously.

Try them all?? Well issue #3 I just don't have the time, nor resources...

I have a wonderful tablet but its photo quality and editing abilities ate limited. And I have a phenomenal camera...but no laptop/computer to upload and edit my pictures/videos onto.

Well I guess I've nagged enough,I do have solo much to update you all with As far as progress in my style. I've made some crazy banana strides in my Journey to Retro/Old Hollywood land.

My 25th/second 24th birthday is tomorrow (yes Halloween) so I'll try to update again to borrow with a pictorial of successes and new ventures/goals for my style. Hopefully a much more cheerful post. That's all for now.


Love Always,