Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cheesie Inspirations!

Hello Daaahlings!

My Old Hollywood version of Darling ;). I just got off work and wanted to start making a habit out of blogging on the regular basis (most recently inspired by cheesie! (www.cheeserland.com)><New Fav Blogger.

So what could I possibly have to talk about today? Well....nothing....much.
We've been having miserable weather all week long.

I know the news has been saying that crappy storms are nationwide and expected all Thanksgiving week long...but still =( =( =(

Speaking of Thanksgiving this is probably going to be the first year that my mother or myself don't cook. Over the last few years we have been operating oven-less and just Ordering a turkey or ham or ect. main dish and making all of the sides. But this year we just have plans on flat-out ordering everything! We may cook a pot of collard greens or so and that's it! Easy! 

With that being said however, I know that one day I would really like to start hosting a big hooray Thanksgiving as well as Christmas party for my family and close friends. 

Too bad majority of my family  is Jehovah's witnesses and don't celebrate traditional holidays but...meh >__>. '''''''

I'll update you all on my small Target hauls and reviews of my new products lately later on.

Ciao Daaahlings! 

Love Always,

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