Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Shopping ~ Like A (50's) G!

Ciao Darlings and Happy Sunday! 
This post is pretty much centered around my Facebook screenshot below:

L.O.L. No not the Aida Dapo comment! but I do L-O-V-E her style and aspire to be just like her! Isn't that portrait Gorgeous?!?!

I was referring to the fact that I am ABSOLUTELY finito with all of my Christmas shopping and gift wrapping! And its not even Thanksgiving yet! 

LIKE A 1950's G!!

so proud of myself ^__^

This is actually the first Christmas that was able to do some serious shopping for others and not just buy here and there things and/or 'put my name on the card/gift tag' of a big ticket item <<< good-bye broke college student Helllooo Working Woman! And just look at that craftsmanship with my wrapping ^3^ 

And I didn't go Food Court crazy in the 'Gardens Mall' for once. Just grabbed a side salad, with warm pita bread and water with lemon from a Greek restaurant that I've been wanting to try for a while called Ollo Fresh. Wish I would have spread the salad out on the plate so you could see how loaded it was. 

Olives, tomatoes, bell peppers, cubes of Greek cheese, cucumbers, ect. (and that was just a side salad....MAN I LOVE GREEK salads. They're always so beautiful and refreshing.

Love Always,

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