Wednesday, November 20, 2013

O.O.T.D. & Portraits

Hello Everyone:

Hope you all had a good day of work, school, lounging, or whatever it is you do throughout the day. 

I've decided that i want my blog to become more than just a hobby but a career as well. Yep, I want to become a full-time blogger! Def not for profit or 'free stuff'<<< one of blogging's so called perks<<< but because I want my creative outlet to be something that I share with people beyond my co-workers and church members. Its really fun and encouraging to have total strangers praise your pictures and support what you do. No, no I have no plans to quit my job. Full-Time right now just means that I'll be updating frequently, sharing more purchases and doing more reviews. 

Well now that that announcement has been made I want to give you guys an official look at that portraits that I have created and start my O.O.T.D. posts.


This is the  adorable pink sweater that I wore to work today. 
Its by Merona (which I believe is a Target brand) 
Its made of a comfy soft cotton blend.
I purchased it at my local Goodwill thrift store for $4. 

I especially LOVE the details on the right shoulder. They're flowers sewn in a messy/ambiguous stitch pattern and 'shaded' with gentle fabrics. They also include a very intricate beading that provides a light twinkle in appropriate lighting. 
It caught my eye immediately because it reminds me of the classic vintage sweaters that I see Dita Von Teese wearing ever so often. 

Speaking of classic and vintage, I think this is an appropriate time to display this selfie I took of my Church O.O.T.D. about two weeks ago. 

I decided to go all out with the details including busting out an Old Hollywood/Flapper inspired up-do and topping it off with a daring accessory. 
My hair accessory is a comb with fabric fastened to it that's tied up into a big Minnie Mouse-like bow, and detailed with various feathers.
It's by Yves Saint Laurent & I purchased it at my local Hospice Retail store for $14.
Photo'd below:

I also purchased the Flapper inspired hat seen above from the same Hospice Retail store for $15. Its by Betmar New York and extremely well made ~ Not flimsy at all and woven of some thin wood or paper.

Saddle Oxfords ~ Bass Shoes ~ $40
Pearls ~ Unknown brand ~ Hospice Retail Store $6
Faux Gold Earrings ~ Unknown brand ~ Animal Rescue Retail Store $4
Antique Wooden Purse ~ Unknown Brand ~ Goodwill Thrift Store $10

That's it for my overdue collection of accessory portraits.

Love Always,

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