Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Small Target Haul

Wow have I really been updating everyday?!?!

W00t W00t!

I'm really on a roll here ;p.

As promised I want to do a quickie review on the the products that I purchased from Target yesterday.

Target is one of those stores that I always go into w/absolutely ONE thing in mind to buy...and come out with like five or ten things spending well over my one item budget and not even getting what I went in for =___=...

Yeah, yeah we all have that ONE store and Target so happens to be mine.  

I went in there for a loaf of bread and a few jugs of distilled water and walked out with a bag of Milano Christmas cookies (on sale $2.50 ;)), a travel size tube of Arm & Hammer toothpaste (LOOOOVE the travel size isle!!!), a small bottle of Crest mouthwash, a tube of AMBI Vanishing Cream.

I also went back to Target today and bought a bottle of Pantene shampoo and conditioner.

I don't know why I always buy a butt load of 'crap' out of the travel size isles 0___o I guess its because it reminds me of free samples. Yeah, yeah I know they're not free but they're cheap & convenient. Especially if you like to switch up your products frequently like I do.

I've been loving this Arm & Hammer toothpaste lately. Anything Arm & Hammer really annihilates stains in my opinion and I really have to give this toothpaste credit for making my pearly whites pearlier. 

The taste also reminds me of the times that I would brush my teeth with Arm & Hammer baking soda as a kid. Ahhh, the little things ^^

The AMBI Fade Cream was somewhat of an impulse buy. I've been shopping around for a product designed to fade away these blasted dark spots/acne scars on my face & (especially) cheeks; no I don't think I'll grace you all with a photo...But they're getting to the point now that I'm self conscious w/out my foundation on. At least at work or whenever going anywhere formal. Sometimes i just don't care.

I have limited faith in it because it was only $5.00, but hey, sometimes cheap products surprise you. 

I'll do a full review in a few weeks or so if i see noticeable results. 

Love Always,

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