Saturday, November 16, 2013

What's New At 25?


So I'm going to start making a more cautious effort to Blog more. Pics, how to's, reviews, daily memoirs, and so much more. Even if its only a few sentences. I've been reading various blogs lately that aren't directly paired with Youtube channels,and its made me more so appreciate the art of Blogging in a written form with pictures rather than struggling to do improv.-like recording.

For some people talking/recording/filming is easy. But its just not convenient for me right now....That actually brings me into my 25th Birthday which I celebrated on Halloween. <<<yea, I know SUPER late.  

I didn't exactly spend it like I blasted I would >>>basically at the Spa getting pampered<<<< but, I did participate in one of my absolute favorite past-times. Thrifting! Yes I gave successfully become a Thrifting maniac! Virtually everything in my closet came from the local thrift, antique, boutique, Hospice and Goodwill shops and all of my purchases were at a STEAL.

Oh this was O.O./M.O./H.O.T.D. by the way. And the Spa that I 'eventually' went to (four days after my Birthday).

Blouse ~Josephine Co. ~ Cat's Only (Animal Rescue) Thrift store $6

ShoesLauren Conrad ~ Plato's closet $10

 Satin Scarf ~Plato's Closet $2

Faux Pearl Earrings ~ Aldo Shoe Store $12

Yea, my earrings were the most expensive thing. Its outrageous how much clothing and accessories cost in common retail these days.
Thrifter til' I die damn it' lol

BTW. The above Lauren Conrad Oxford stilettos were one of three pairs of shoes I found at 'Plato's Closet'.

I also found these adorable Panda shoes by Cooperative!!!

The other pair is featured in my Novmber 2013 Ipsy bag review. 

I bid you adu with my birthday cake cake cake cake cake cakle cake cake cake lol

Publix Premium Caramel Turtle Ice Cream Cake with a Chocolate cookie crust.

Love Always,


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