Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 ~ New Years pt. 1

Tis' the season...of New Years Resolutions of course. 
I don't normally read my past blog post, but I decided to go back and read a few of my old post to find my Resolution list from earlier this year, and see where I stood. 

My list for 2013 included: 

 1. Obtain a career in an intended field 
2. Dedicate time to learn Spanish 
3. Save > $5,000 
4. Develop a Vintage office style 
5. Maintain my relationship with Jesus 
6. Plan a family vacation 
7. Become a frequent blogger/vlogger 
8. start Tennis/Yoga/Pilate's 

Well since its New Years Eve, I thought I'd see how I did and establish a New Resolution list.

1. "I is a workin' woman" LOL
2. Ha! I've given up on language learning. 
3. Yeeesss! And then some God is good! 
4. Oooh yeah! You know you're looking like the 50s when elder people are complimenting your style. 
5. The Lord is my Shepherd 
6. Well...I've planned my OWN dream vacation. 
7. Somewhat..but if I'm not blogging I'm vlogging and vice versa. 
8. Kinda' sorta' and I've even joined a gym recently. 

OK OK some were hits and some were misses. Here's some of my 2013 fashion journey and misc. pics that I've yet to share.

Love Always,

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