Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Allegra K Review: Is Allegra K Merchandise Durable? ~ pt. 1

Hello darling readers!

Quite sometime ago (5 or 6 months I think) I shared my Allegra K shopping experience via Post found here. Since I've really been in a photoshoot-mood lately I thought it would be a neat concept to do a long-term review of this company, strictly ranking the durability and longevity of their merchandise (or lack there of).

Yes when it comes to clothes, every brand will experience its general wear and tear over a period of months/years. But when ordering clothes online one thing that I personally try to bear in mind is how long my items will last (I reeeeaaaally hate spending money on something that's turns into crap after one or two washes/wears).

Remember my Michael Jackson shirt???

Let me tell you!! I am absolutely A-MAZED that non of the buttons popped off after all this time! No I'm not cracking jokes, I'm serious. I wear this shirt quite frequently and the abuse of a heavy purse on my shoulder, seat belts and hugs still didn't prevail in popping one of those suckers off. One of my biggest concerns with this shirt was how flimsy the buttons were sewn on and the fear of them popping or tarnishing.

Sadly, half of that fear came true because they did begin to tarnish quite a few washes ago. However, the shirt still is so uniquely designed and surprisingly well stitched and tailored that I more than likely am going to just purchase some new buttons and sew them on (tightly) myself.

The lace still looks like new and despite not knowing exactly what kind of material the shirt is made of (chiffon perhaps??) This shirt has held up beautifully.

Also bear in mind that I wash all of my blouses by hand as described in this post. I don't know how it would have held up in the washing machine.


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