Friday, January 17, 2014

Make Me A Flapper

Hello everyone and Happy Three Day Weekend!!!

Sorry my last post was so ambiguous but I decided to do  a collection of short stories on my blog (based on real life events lol). Can you guess what I'm talking about and how old I was??? I'll be doing another story in the future where I mention that same scene again.

Oh and shout-out to any of my co-workers who are reading! ;-) (promise there's a method to my sometimes mad-style at work).

Speaking of which I haven't really been keeping my Vintage-theme'd style under wraps at work. 

I've actually been rocking my low maintenance pin-curls frequently, and wearing them in an up-do even gives off a 20s Flapper vibe.

I'm actually really digging the 20s and 30s style (check the above eyebrows) ~all credit going to Jean Harlow and Myrna Loy. ~

The women in that time frame are always so sassy in the TCM comedies.

Until next time 'which hopefully will be sooner than later.

Love Always,

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