Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Confident Woman Is A Sexy Woman: Retro Queens of Awkward Beauty

Hey Li.Ree, what's with the duck face???

I myself will be the first to say that I've become very fond of my own rendition of the dreaded 'duck face' in my recent snapshots and photoshoots. 

I've started to see myself with that face so often in my pictures that I had to sit down and ask myself; Where the freak did I get that from? I could've sworn I saw a facial expression similar on Lucille Ball or another famous and witty model or actress. But despite its origin this post is really to more or less focus on why I've decided to consciously sport it with pride.

These marvelous Eras I've decided to fashion myself after all hold the one continuous and annoying stigma of beauty and perfectionism. Big eyes, pouty red lips, perfectly styled hair, hourglass figure. Nothing completes that picture more than crossing your eyes and making some odd facial expression or body language.

 Right Josephine???

I must say that my direct idols when it comes to beauties not taking their beauty so seriously are Josephine Baker and of course the Queen of Comedy Lucille Ball. 

It gets really old and annoying to me when a beautiful girl over criticizes herself and her appearance and has to be perfect and poised at all times.  I mean come on Kim Kardashian syndrome gets old and boring quick. I know because I'm a recovering mirror-addict myself! Come on' gorgeous put the mirror down and the duck-face up because there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is fully confident in her own self to the point that she openly let's her awkwardness show. 

Its the tactic that made Lucille even more memorable and Josephine stand out in a sea of gorgeous chorus girls.

You're my 'awkward beauties' idols ladies! And a constant reminder to let my confidence show!

Thank You :-) 

Love Always,


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