Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Allegra K Review Continuation & 'Ellie's 50s Diner'

Hola Vintage Lovers!

So I was browsing through a few of my old post and thought it about time to continue my 'long term/clothing durability Allegra K' reviews. Sorry, I got side tracked from these post because they were supposed to be a night by night/post by post thing.

The next blouse I wanted to talk about was my mint  or pastel green blouse. I loved  this particular piece as displayed on the model because or its bourgie ruffles and the additional fabric to tie into a bow. At the time that I ordered these shirts my bows, leave, and ruffles obsession had just begun; And its only gotten worse :-) 

This shirt is made of a chiffon like material that hasn't worn nor faded in the duration of time that I've owned it. Win win, and totally durable. 


I also only recently wore it under a suit jacket and was pleasantly delighted at how professional yet cute/girly it looked. 


In other news I never told you guys about the great little restaurant I was treated to a few weeks ago.

I've been helping out a co-worker and making trips to our Delray Beach location (long drive) for the last three weeks, but as a treat for helping her out she treated myself and another co-worker to lunch at a restaurant called Ellie's 50's Dinner. 

When I tell you this restaurant screamed my era!! O.M.G. I mean just look at the pics I swiped from Google Maps. 

                 Yes, statues of both Marilyn and Elvis and a faux Vintage Kitchen!

And yes!!! Several of the menu items were named after retro pop-culture. I ordered the Olive Oyl (yes Popeye's girlfriend) and it was a massive philly cheese  steak sandwhich ~kinda' oxymoronic if you ask me especially since Olive Oyl is know to be a bean pole~ Its funny because when I wear my hair up in my flapper style my mom always refers to me as Olive Oyl as an inside joke. I actually started working on a future post explaining how those old cartoons influenced my love for Vintage. 

Too bad that was a day I wasn't suuuper Vintage'd out due to the weather. I had no idea we were going there either, or even that small eateries like that existed locally. Out of curiosity I Googled other diners with that vibe that are in my local area, and to my surprise there are quite a few of them. 

Including, one that I stumbled into off of Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach called The Green Owl.

It was so old school diner/mom and pop-ish inside and even had 40s/50s theme'd advertisements hanging throughout; and of course a widespread owl theme!! Nature preservation awareness I guess, but I don't really know the history of the place. I'll have to ask if I remember next time I go.

Til' next time my dears.


Love Always,

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