Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 2014 Ipsy Bag

Happy Valentines Day 'Weekend'!!

I celebrated my Valentine's Day with my Ipsy bag, so I'll just jump right into it with pics. 

No all of these products weren't in my bag...but I'm starting to realize that I've accumulated a lot of pink makeup products that I don't/have never used. Giveaway anyone?? Please comment and let me know. If not I'll probably just give them away to some lucky soul.

This month's bag included 'First Aid Beauty' or F.A.B. Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser, photo'd in the red and white tube. I've used it only once so I can't offer an accurate review on it as of yet. 

However, the Silver bottle photo'd next to to is Youth Cod dark spot corrector by Loreal. If you have an issue with hyperpigmentation, this formula is liquid gold! Since I've yet to do a review on it I thought I'd mention it because its a new and vital part of my skin care regimen. 

As you can see I've got quite a few lip products photo'd. The small pot to the far left is 'MICA Beauty Cosmetics' tinted lip balm in #6 Fiesta (included in a previous Ipsy Bag); Next to it is 'Lancome's' Color Design creamy lipstick in All Dolled up which I may have talked about a long time ago; To the left is 'NYX' lipstick in #579 Sky Pink (included in a previous  Ipsy bag); and in the center is a tube of 'POP Beauty' lip gloss in fuchsia freesia.

You guys have seen this silver eyeliner in my November (2013) Ipsy bag pictorial. But the J.Cat eyelashes are new...or as youlovemegz calls it lash-weave. I used to wear lashes a year or two ago  and I am not gonna' lie I want to try lashes again. But I'm probably going to try professional eyelash extensions in the near future.

I'm not 100% sure what this is but I'm sure glad I didn't put it on my lips like I started to. I honestly think its some kind of creamy or liquid eye shadow glitter. But I can guarantee you its just going to be taking up space in my makeup drawer. The Color is spiced rum and its described as shadow tint, not sure what brand it is but the logo on the cap looks like Nailtini's.  

Not sure if I've shown this before. But its a lip/cheek stick in the color flustered by 'Be a Bombshell Cosmetics'.

Last, but definitely not least, I went out to Target the other day to pick up a few tings and made an impulse buy, by purchasing this Gucci Premiere perfume. It was $12 off because of the Valentine's Day sales going on; but I still sort of regret buying it because I probably could've bought a much bigger bottle online for the same price. Oh well, I wanted a new fragrance and it smells DIVINE!! I absolutely L-O-V-E all of Gucci's fragrances. 

The shades were also an impulse buy from a boutique a while ago. But they're Versace, and in the scheme of things a S-T-E-A-L Despite them being pricier than I would have liked. Not to mention  the throwback design; as you all know I'm all for it!

No 'Allegra K' reviews tonight. But I did capture some really cute Flapper inspired pics that I'm excited to share on here soon (they're already posted to FB & Twitter. I also have to fill you all in on my Lindy Bop purchase ~squeal~ FIRST SWING-DRESS!

Til next time .

Love Always,