Sunday, March 30, 2014

Berkshire Lace Top Black Seamed Thigh Highs Review

Every time I go on a so-called Hiatus, it dies before it even can began (so maybe I just shouldn't announce them...).

Anyway, in going though my photos I realized that I never gave a review on my favorite pairs of nylons A.T.M. They are black seamed lace garter thigh highs by 'Berkshire'. 


The garter is sewn with non-slip silicone on the inside so no garter belt is required.

The thing I like in particular about them is that they have a classic black seam running along the back; Starting from the lace and running all the way into the heel.

I even had someone at work note that they were 'Old Fashioned' as in Retro, just like what women wore back in the day!

The seam is woven in beautifully; And although I'm very careful with all of my nylons, I've noticed that these don't snag and run as easily as the other pairs I've purchased in the past. No doubt I will be purchasing more 'Berkshire' nylons in the near future. My next purchase however, will definitely be a pair of Cuban heel/toe nylons and another pair of seamed nylons in sheer, rather than black.

Berkshire nylons get a 10 out of 10 in my book and (of course) you can always purchase them at a good price on

Tah' tah' for now!

Love Always,

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