Sunday, March 9, 2014

JiYe Handbags Review

Hello again darlings, I'm back so soon b/c I had quite a few photos on my camera and decided to go ahead and export them so I can make way for any impulse photo shoots.  

I also am waaay overdue for one review in particular which I've been meaning to get out to you guys, so my apologies.  I've been featuring this G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S purse that I ordered from in a few post so its about time I share the specs.

Let me just say, if you're skeptical about ordering handbags and purses online, "You Are NOT Alone!". But I've searched the mall, department stores, and all my favorite  thrifts and had very little luck finding a durable (as in not flimsy and/or cheap) leather (not pleather) handbag designed in a style that I was satisfied with. 

So as a last resort I went browsing on EBay for designer bags that were used but in new-like condition. I was most certainly prepared to pay an arm and a leg for anything designer I found on Ebay even if it was used (I was looking particularly for a Gucci purse but browsed various others as well). 

I did some browsing for a few days and was able narrow down exactly what spoke to me. Genuine leather, Vibrant colors and Crocodile design.

Amazon has always been my go-to site for online shopping and browsing.; so I finally decided to give them a peek to see whatnon-arm-and-leg designers has to offer. I don't remember quite how I stumbled on it but low and behold I spotted out THIS Sapphire, Leathery, Reptilian Beauty!

As described its a 'JiYe Womens Crocodile Genuine Cowhide Leather Leisure Top-Handle Bag' designed by JiYe (although I have no further info. about this particular designer).

The handbag's dimensions are described as 13.8 x 3.3 x 11.8 inches and its 2.4 lbs in weight. 

Now I'm no expert in determining whether its actually made of genuine cowhide leather (and all that snoz) but its definitely a higher quality leather than those cheaply made pleather bags I find in trendy stores in the mall. 

And just look at that G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S Crocodile print. 


During the time I've been carrying it I've received numerous compliments on its design and vibrant color; and even though it isn't extremely wide it has quite a few pockets and storage space within. 

Speaking of colors, it comes in a few more variations if you're not into sapphire blue...

Such as...




and Rose, which honestly is my next favorite selection!

And although I treat it like a baby, I strongly believe that this handbag is strong enough to take a few licks if you're rough on purses (like myself 80% of the time). 

As an F.Y.I. the bag did ship in from China but the shipping and delivery tme was pretty speedy (ordered on Febuary 1st and arrived Febuary 7th). 

Along with the purse came a sample of the leather, a long strap  to convert the  it from a handbag to a shoulder bag and maintence instructions written completely in Chinese LOL!

As far as care goes I'm probably going to get some regular old leather cleaner to keep it vibrant and conditioned.

All and all, I have been so impressed with this handbag that I believe I'll be making more JiYe handbag purchases in the  near future.

TTYL Darlings!

Love Always,


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