Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Journey to Pescetarianism ~Intro. & Log #1~

Not many of you know it, but I actually adopted the Pescetarian lifestyle about 2 years ago; refraining from poultry, beef, pork and meat of any other kind and eating a strictly vegetarian and seafood diet. I was a devoted Pescetarian for about 6 months before reintroducing meats into my diet again. No I didn't cave; eating meat again was a health cautions decision considering the fact that my diet was lacking in a sufficient amount of important vitamins and minerals such as iron.

Before that about 3 or 4 years ago I was a devoted Flexitarian choosing to refrain from beef and pork and opting for poultry to be the only 'meat' in my diet. Substituting ground turkey in most beef recipes like burgers, spaghetti and lasanga. My journey as a Flexitarian ended within 8 months or so vastly b/c I was a broke college kid and sometimes "broke students just gotta eat cheap and whatever they can find"...

For those of you that don't know Flexitarianism is the practice of being 'meat cautious' such as having meatless days, not eating certain kinds of meat (for ex. pork), ever so often replacing meat in recipes, ect.

Pescetarianism combines the Italian word 'pesce' meaning fish with the English word Vegetarian(ism).Meaning that one who practices Pescetarianism opts for a vegetarian and fish/seafood diet, refraining from any other animals or meats.

Now that I've graduated, I'm working, and more importantly b/c I got deathly ill after eating a small portion of baby back ribs a few months ago...x___X; I've decided to ease my way back into Flexitarianism with Pescetarianism being the ultimate goal. I think its for the best, and I'm starting to realize that my body is slowly starting to reject meat (especially if eaten in high quantities).

This time around however, I'm going to be monitoring my journey through food logs, and let Pescetarianism be a natural transition, rather than a 'cold turkey' kind of thing like last time.


  • small coffee cream & sugar {Dunkin' Donuts}
  • coconut sour cream/cake doughnut {Dunkin' Donuts}


  • mixed greens and spinach salad (w/dates, raisins, apples, pecans and blueberries) {Publix}
  • Salmon sushi rolls - seaweed, salmon and brown rice (w/soy sauce and lots of pickled ginger and wasabi) {Publix}


  • cabbage {Home-cooked}
  • remainder of my sushi from lunch

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