Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lady Tiger Hear Me ROAR!! °~°Delicious Style Bites entry 2°~°

Welcome to another addition of Delicious Style Bites. This edition features...you guessed it, another jacket! A trench coat to be specific. I found this little number at a thrift (of course), and paid about $7.99. 

I wish I knew who designed it, but unfortunately the previous owner removed the designer tag...

I actually thrifted an authentic (as in Colombo looking) trench coat that I wear on rainy/windy days, and although its functional and old school 'New Yorkish' (even goomba-ish lol; hint, hint obviously I've been reading 'The Godfather') it isn't quite the fashion statement as this faux fur Lady Tiger number. 

Despite it being faux its quite heavy and very warm. 

Trench coats of an Animal Print design are girly, flirty, Diva statements! They're great for spicing up a modest dark colored dress, business outfit or even suit. And are definitely the perfect accessory when adding texture, color, patterns and raw edginess to hide that sexy little black dress under while still keeping you warm on you're way out.

This Tiger print in particular is fun and edgy;  And although fur (even faux) may be a bit ridiculous is South Florida (even in the winter). I'm D-I-V-A enough to flaunt it next winter season, and probably even next cold front!

P.S. Sorry to be bragging about the weather to any Northerners who may be reading. I've been seeing on the news lately that its still in the teens in numerous states and negatives in Canada....SHEEEESH!!

BTW, I've been searching for a decorative lanyard for my eyeglasses for over a year now and I F-I-N-A-L-L-Y found a beautiful gold chained one that's Divine! I have such dork-ish taste its ludicrous but I love the stares!

~Silent Victory every time~

Love Always, 

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