Friday, April 11, 2014

The Audrey by Lindy Bop

Hello Darling Hunny Bunnies!

Spring is officially here and Easter Sunday is just around the corner. Since this is the season of florals, pastels and any and all things bright and cheery; What better time than this to debut my vibrant and playful Audrey Hepburn inspired swing dress designed by Lindy Bop.

Lindy Bop found here at is a retail designer and fashion line that specializes in Retro apparel with a special interest in dresses.

I stumbled on their label while doing some window shopping on and fell in L-O-V-E immediately! All of their dresses are so perfectly retro in design and yet in still so modernly feminine. I can easily see myself having a closet full of them.

My dress style is called the Audrey which is beautifully tailored and comes in several colors and patterns. There's also a three-quarter sleeve 'Holly' style dress that looks very similar to the 'Audrey' which I'll be looking into for the Fall.

As you can see I selected mine in a bright maraschino cherry red with classic white polka-dots. 

It also features this white waist belt with a heart shaped buckle (its kinda plasticy though so I'm not so fond of it).

Sizing is always tricky when ordering things online, but they do  have a size chart available which was pretty much to a T give or take (however I have always been pretty lucky when it comes guestimating my size).

Just keep in mind that most Retro dresses will feature a narrow waist, but at the same time tend to run a little big (at least from my experience).

I ordered this dress in an X-Small (UK size 8) and it fits like a glove in the waist (both with and without wearing my corset) but yet in still runs a tad big in the chest and shoulders. However, not as much when wearing a heavily padded push up bra though and I'm a C-cup; so you may want to bust out that Wonder Bra if your chest is on the small side.

I also highly recommend being gentle with this dress. Although, its comfortable and durable enough for all day wear and activities, I wouldn't necessarily go cart-wheeling in it either. Remember Lady-Like!

(Yeah Right)

Speaking of Lady-Like to my delight the dress also includes a built-in lining that serves somewhat as a petticoat skirt!

Its not suuuper poofy, but hey it all depends in how much umph you're looking for. Personally I like it both with and without all that extra fluff an additional petticoat skirt gives it, because the dress still manages to pull off that teeny-tiny waist effect without it.

That's it for now My Loves TTYL and Happy Friday!!

Love Always,

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