Friday, May 16, 2014

Delicious Style Bites Entry 3 ~Signature Hair Style~

Hello my Loves.

During the 12+ months that I have been on my journey to become a Retro Fashion Icon, one major Retro fashion truth has manifested itself...

Ya' gotta have a bangin' Old Glam hairstyle!

No you don't necessarily have to have one signature one. By all means experiment away! And why not, there's so many to choose from ---

Pin Curls & Victory Rolls (Betty Grable 'slayed' these styles)

Peekaboo (courtesy of Veronica Lake)

Bettie Page Bangs

Classic Old Hollywood Curls (long or short)

Classic Old Hollywood waves (long or short)

Flapper Bobs

Up-Dos (courtesy of my grandmother's high school photo) 

Nylon Scarf/Bandana Trend

You Name It!!

I love curls, waves, and ~depending on how long my bangs are~ the peek-a-boo 'a la Veronica Lake'. As a signature however, I've opted for the side-swept pin-curl as featured in my banner photo (or smaller pin curls if I want a Flapper look).

Its my classic everyday hairstyle for work, home, church, miscellaneous name it.

I'm also a big fan of the pre-pin curl 'Old Hollywood' hump, which I usually sport on 'bad pin curl days'.

Both of these styles are simple for me to achieve and both accentuate my Retro look and give me a 'Retro flare' on days when I don't dress like it.

Whatever your clothing style, don't forget that a flattering hair-do      is just as vital in achieving a chic and polished persona. 

Ciao Daaah-lings!

Love Always,

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