Friday, June 13, 2014

Sleeping Beauty pt. 1


I ever really gave an thought to these random collage of photos before.
But in looking back I thought I'd ask you my readers. What was I dressed for??

Going out?
Taking photos?

No my dears...I was dressed for bed (minus the accessories of course). Yes that is a night gown I am wearing, not a dress or lace trim blouse. And although its designed as sleepwear, I am happy to say that it could very well function cleverly as a blouse, if tucked into a nice business pair of slacks or high-waist pencil skirt.

In reading 'Lessons from Madame Chic' and in watching old glam movies, I've really taken the "Look  Fabulous At All Times" motto to heart.

~As mentioned before in this post~

After all , one never knows what could happen in the night (or wee hours of the morning) that could cause you to have to spring our of bed without a minutes' notice.

Ok, let's not be so dramatic. But realistically we've all either got caught outside the comfort of our homes in our jammies or wearing less than flattering bedtime attire while a guest was over, at least once. 

If you treasure your vanity like I do. Why jeopardize it with old college t's and washed out night shorts. 

Don't get me wrong, I too desire 'Comfort Above All' when I sleep. 

But I challenge you to cautiously make an effort to at least have five chic/attractive sleepwear items that can be thrown on in a minutes notice. No hideous cotton robes don't count; shoot for a satin one with alluring details or trim. 

Have these items in you wardrobe, even if you just wear them to you look presentable when that unexpected guest does catch you in your PJs. You may even find yourself taking pictures in your accessorized nightgown/pajamas like I did. 

And no, I'm not saying you have to sleep in them every night or even at all. Just think of the items as a 'fashion' statement; they don't have to suit your taste for sleeping in. 

For the record some of us DO sleep...(ahem) 'a la Marilyn Monroe'

Just be sure to keep something nice on a hanger by your bed if you do ;-)

Love Always,

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