Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dear Old Hollywood & O.O.T.D.

Dear Old Hollywood:

Why are your movies so enticing? From the gleeful and gay musicals staring Fred Astaire when color pictures were new to television, to the somber melodramas cloaked in black and white featuring the deliciously beautiful femme fatal.

Sorry I'm being poetic. But I've been drawn back into the Turner Classic Movie channel after a short hiatus from Old Hollywood films. All I can say is that this drink of classic films has been very refreshing, and reminds me how very passionate I am for the art of recreating these eras in time.

Ciao Dah-lings!

I haven't posted in a while, and really have no excuse. But the good news is that I'm back on the photography bandwagon. So I'll have my own pictures :-) to share on my blog that aren't swiped from another website or Google.

Below is my O.O.T.D. for work today.

My shoes weren't all that exciting. I seriously need work in that department now that my wardrobe is coming together. T-Strap and uniquely designed preferably.

BTW. I ordered this cheaply steel boned corset on Amazon a while back that I've been wearing religiously. I've finally managed to lace it completely closed and it does Wonders for my silhouette. I wish I would have discover shape wear YEARS ago!!!

I also highly recommend any kind of seamless shape wear in the form of a dress or slip for any woman! Especially all of you Retro loving Divas! God knows women back then were CHAMPS when it came to undergarments ;-)

Tah-Tah for now my loves.

Love Always,

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