Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Everyday Pinup Inspired Makeup In 5 Easy Steps

{Rant Alert}

For starters wearing makeup in excess with the combination of a bad skin care routine, poor diet, lack of sleep, ect. can make you look like a complete alien, or space monkey to people who've never seen you without it!!
After all makeup is just supposed to enhance your natural beauty. Not be a cheaper alternative to cosmetic surgery! However, I am in No Way encouraging that very slappable "You look better without makeup on" comment.

For me its a 5 day a week kind of thing with at least two days (weekends usually) that I just let my skin breathe.
 Get hit on less by completely random strangers without it on...but hey men are shallow right?


{This Rant Alert has now ended. 
Please enjoy the rest of this post}

Now that my mini rant is out of the way. I thought it be fun to show all you darlings how to get a Pinup ready face in just 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Define your eyebrows

I actually have a series of pics for this that I'll share in a later post. So for now. Please enjoy this goofy pic of me with the ASHY as heck concealer that I use to shape my eyebrows.

Step 2: Foundation

This step is actually optional as not everyone wears foundation. But for me on hot summer days I opt for a medium to full coverage powder foundation, and usually spot or two of concealer as needed.

Occasionally I'll break out a fluid foundation. But not as much as I used to.

Step 3: Cat Eye

Everyone knows this is a vital step in Pinup makeup! Although I have never quite determined why...

Being the Old Hollywood film buff that I am, I really can't determine how or even when this trend began. I feel as if I see it more in the 60s Era rather than the 20s-50s (well maybe late 50s).

Don't get me wrong I definetly have seen actresses sporting eyeliner. Just not so much a Very destinct cat eye; with the exception of Marilyn Monroe of course.

How you achieve your cat eye will strictly depend on your taste and eye shape. YouTube however,  is a 'how-to' makeup haven and you're bound to find a beauty guru on there with the same shaped eyes as you. PinupDoll Ashley Marie Rosas was that guru for me :-)

Step 4:  Beauty Mark(s)

IDK about you. But to me you're not taking the whole pinup thing ALL THE WAY if you're not sporting a Monroe!

Or two (in my case)!

I'm fond of one on my right cheek and one directly above my right eyebrow. Usually I'll spot them on with a dab of waterproof mascara or eyeliner, that way the tendency for them to smudge & fade is reduced.

Step 5: That BANGIN' Red Lip

Need I say more???

Shape your lips, fill them in & Strut That Pout!

Start to Finish

Don't forget your Retro hairdo as mentioned in ~this post~ and a throwback accessory for good measure.

I'm a dork so I always opt for my Cat Eye frames :-)

Ciao Dah-lings!

Love Always,

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