Friday, June 27, 2014

June 2014 Ipsy Bag

Ciao Loves!

Have I ever told you all how IN LOVE I am with this cute little tablet keyboard/carrying case?

I ordered it off of for about $15 or $20 not too long after having my rant/meltdown about the woes of typing entries on my tablet. Sorry I don't know the company who designed it but if you google tablet keyboards, I'm sure you'll find one much like this for a Very reasonable price. =)


kk sorry I got side-tracked. 
My June Ipsy Bag arrived mid-month (same as always) and the theme this month was beachy/surfer-ish (i.e. the pretty little postcard).

My products included a full size Be A Bombshell 'lash out' mascara...
(that I've yet to use)

...this SKINN facial cleanser by Dimitri James...
(its creamy yet lathers which a lot of cream cleansers don't easily do)

... a sample size bottle of Marc Anthony 'Dream Waves Beach Spray' hair spray
(not something I plan on using on my hair)

...NYX Butter Gloss lip gloss
(which is this pretty baby pink color and very creamy. Perfect for those who like nude/natural looks)

... And a 'Shimmer Eyeliner' by Nickak New York
(this would be very fun to use for dramatic 'Night On the Town' looks)


Love Always,

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