Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lemon Soap Haul!

Ciao Dahlings!

I show'd all of you my Johnson's baby wash craze in my 'April & May Ipsy Bags + skincare Haul' post.

Let's get this straight. IT. IS. NEVER. COLD. IN. SOUTH. FLORIDA.

But last Fall when the COOL snaps started happening down here, is when my addiction to Johnson's moisturizing baby washes began. I loved them then because they were moisturizing and conditioning to my skin; especially on days when the cooler air would dry it out.

But now it Summer, and hot as balls outside!!

Dry air is no longer a problem, but the freakin' humidity!!! $#@%&*^%$#!!!! And since I have combination skin, my dry patches are no longer going haywire, but my oil glands are working OVERTIME!

Well, hey I'm not a IDK if that even makes sense. But I do know that that during the summer months my skin always feels oilier, stickier and dirtier....Ewww, I know that sounds gross, which is exactly what inspired my trip to 'NutritionSmart' this morning, to stalk up on citrus based body washes. Citrus bath products always seem to cut the oil, sweat and sticky dirt on your body, giving you that refreshed and squeaky clean feeling! 

I purchased three bars to compare.

Dr. Bonner's All-One Pure Castle Soap in Citrus Orange. 
Clearly Natural Essentials 'Pure and Natural Glycerine Soap' in Lemon &
Nature's Plus 'Natural Beauty Cleansing Bar'

Like all bars, they melt so that's one Con that they all share. They all also have a very potent citrus smell that you'll either love or hate ~which is why I use citrus bath washed seasonally b/c sometimes the fragrance can become tiresome~ 

Clearly Natural Essentials 'Pure and Natural Glycerine Soap' in Lemon

I actually haven't tried out this one yet, but I have heard really positive things about glycerine soaps. This brand in particular has very high marks on health and beauty sites.

Dr. Bonner's All-One Pure-Castle Soap in Citrus Orange

I used this bar this morning. It has the sweetest smell out all three; meaning its more 'fruity' than citrus. Or maybe that's just b/c it's orange scented rather than lemon. Normally I'm pretty crazy about Pure-Castles soaps, but this is the first time I've used the bar rather than the liquid washes. Personally I'll be sticking to the liquid body wash. The bar lathers well and left me feeling squeaky clean. However, its very...very...soapy. Meaning it did everything a normal bar of soap does. It lathered. It scummed. It left a heavy film residue all over my skin and the tub....
Sigh. Not impressed. 

Nature's Plus 'Natural Beauty Bar'

This is actually my favorite out of all three. I'm being biast when I say that b/c I've actually been using it on and off since way back in high school. 

Natural Beauty is actually not a soap at all...but a cleansing bar. And it comes with a whole pamphlet in every box that explains the difference, and benefits of using this product, as opposed to conventional soaps.

I won't go into details, but it's biggest feature are the claims of restoring balanced PH levels to the users' skin. 
This product also came in a liquid form at one time but for whatever reason 'Nature's Plus' stopped producing it. =(
Too bad too b/c the liquid form was an alternative to the bars which has one major flaw...It Bleeds!! Yes that rich gold color All over the place! No it doesn't stain permanently..but still it is a pain. 

Despite the bleeding I still haven't been negated from buying it. It leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed. Their is NO skummy residue left behind in the water, in the tub or on your body. And it can be used as a shampoo too!! Absolutely LOVE this product. 

As an extra added bonus I picked up my F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E summer fragrance!  'Heavenly' by VS in both body splash and Eau Du Parfum.

Say YES to Refreshness!!! lol

Love Always,

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