Friday, June 27, 2014

Vegetarian/Pescetarian Strides

Hey everybody...

Not my usual chipper intro. and that's b/c I've been feeling Crap-tacular all week long and today has been the absolute Climax of my s#%t-storm. No, nothing has happened and no catastrophic event has taken place. I just haven't been feeling like usual self since last Saturday....Not wanting to get out of bed, not dressing to impress like I usually do....Maybe I just haven't been getting enough sleep -___-

Anyway, usually when I go through these moods my two favorite remedies are Shopping!!!...and eating trash lol.

Since this morning was a emotional volcano for me, my trash-tooth kicked into high gear and I decided to go to McDonald's for lunch to satisfy it. Despite wanting junk, I've been really good about sticking to my flexitarian/pescetarian diet lately, and decided to be good and order a Fish sandwich ~Double Filet-O-Fish in McDonald's speak~ (with EXTRA LARGE fries lol) which is actually my favorite entre of theirs anyway. I seriously can't stand McDonalds burgers anymore, or anyone else's as a matter of fact...

..ever go to a drive-thru, order a dollar sandwich b/c you're trying to be cheap and then get home and realize that they F'd up your order and gave you somebody else's pricer item??? S-C-O-R-E! 

Did that happen to me? No, cause karma is a bi#$%. They jacked up my order and I was the one who ended up with the rinky dollar sandwich this time...and a McCHICKEN at that!!!!

Screw you McDonald's!!!

Pescetarian progress

I've actually really been on a roll lately as far a being as semi-vege/semi-pescetarian. 

1. I've gone to Moe's twice and made vegetarian selections
Taco's with black beans & veggies
Tofu burrito with black beans, rice and veggies

2. Ordered a Vegetarian pizza from Papa Johns

3. I've opt'd for Belvita breakfast biscuits, grits, Publix guave pastries or oatmeal instead on my usual bacon, eggs and cheese on wheat.

4. Hit up the seafood section at my favorite restaurant 'Crazy Asian' (which is actually a norm for me...their Teriyaki salmon and Ginger white fish is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! as well as their sushi bar)

5. Tried two Publix frozen seafood entrès. 
Salmon, rice and peapods ~ DISASTER!
Tilapia, mashed potatoes and asparagus ~ was an improvement from the salmon

6. This hearty tuna sandwich from Jimmy Johns

7. & of course my weekly dose Spicy Tuna and Salmon rolls!!

Love Always, 

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